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This guide is made to provide a basic guide to join .Race9. If you want to know our guidelines to create your own wikia page, please check the wikia guide.

Overview of .Race9

.Race9 is a sim racing organization which runs a wide selection of virtual motorsport competitions and offers great racing with a friendly and welcoming community to it's drivers. We currently use Assetto Corsa, Automobilista and rFactor 2 to provide a range of competitions open to drivers of all levels and experience.

Getting Started

If you're new to .Race9 there are two easy steps to follow to get you ready to compete:

Step 1 - Registration

The first thing you need to do is to register with us, which is completely free of charge. Signup is split into two parts – page signup and driver/team registration. Sign up up for our page can be done here and gives you access to our friendly community, as well as lots of helpful information. Please make sure you cange your username at our page to your full name.

After you've signed up for the page you then need to register as a driver to one of our series, which is done on the 'Hospitality' tab on the .Race9 website. Firstly you will have to update your driver information in 'My Profile', updating your Driver Name/Nationality/Driver Number and selecting the series in which you want to compete. After that, you will be able to create your own team on the tab 'Create Team' or join a already existing team on 'Market'.

Step 2 - Getting our mods

Once you've signed up the next thing you'll need to do is get your game setup with all the files it needs to run in our championships.

For downloading files, the league uses a program called SimSync PRO that will download all .R9 related game files and keep them updated at the touch of a button. Our SimSync program can be downloaded here. Once downloaded, simply install Simsync in your games main folder, run the program from there and select the series you want (note: you may have to run the program as administrator). You will get the SimSync password for all mods via a PM in your Hospitality section on our homepage.

Further details of each Series

GT4 Cup

The GT4 Cup championship is the league's prime Grand Touring series. It is heavily orientated towards average GT4 series concept and thus mirrors the usual GT championships and weekend schedules, which contains a 10 minute Qualifying, followed by a race over various lengths. The series features the closest competition of .Race9. Only the best will succeed in the GT4 Cup!

  • Tier 3 touring cars (eg. GT4)
  • Runs on Automobilista
  • Race times (Saturday)
    • Qualifying: 10 minutes, 17:40 GMT
    • Warm-Up / Break: 10 minutes, 17:50 GMT
    • Race: 18:00 GMT
    • Qualifying format: Unlimited laps, parc ferme (all except fuel, brake settings and steering lock are locked).
    • Race format: One race per event.
    • Driver aids allowed: Auto-Clutch, ABS (high), Traction Control (high).
  • Season format:
    • Season: 6 rounds – November to March
    • Points system: Same points for all races. Full description can be found here.
  • Each team uses custom liveries and helmet designs. Only one driver per car and event.
  • Races usually feature live race stewards plus live streaming on YouTube.
  • Full rules can be found here.